Beach Wedding in Tuscany: inspiration and advice

November 22, 2020by Diego Giusti0

Beach wedding definitely is one of the most romantic evercapable of creating intimate and informal atmospheres but with a glamorous touch. You won't need wonderful villas with timeless charm or sumptuous halls to amaze your guests and make everything unforgettable. 

The sea, in its simple beauty, will color your big day with magic; better if on the beach, perhaps pronouncing the fateful "yes" at sunset.

Thanks to its 500 kilometers of coastline, Tuscany is one of the best regions to organize a beach wedding, without counting the possibilities offered by its islands, from Elba to Giglio. In 10 years of experience as a photographer, I have attended many ceremonies and I have had the opportunity to take some beautiful wedding photo shoots right on the beach. 

Weddings of this type require a little more attention, especially for some aspects, bureaucratic and otherwise, which I will tell you more about in the following paragraphs.


Getting married on the beach in Tuscany

Who is it suitable for?
To free spirits who love to stand out and live the most beautiful day of their lives with great naturalness: authenticity, intimacy and simplicity they marry with the great suggestions of the sea. 

The style of a ceremony says a lot about the personality of the couple: tell me where you want to get married and I'll tell you who you are. In fact, each setting and location brings with it a precise atmosphere, and it is right that this reflects you one hundred percent. Beach wedding definitely is more informal if compared to the one set in the villas or historic houses.

What period is most suitable for getting married on the beach?
Beach wedding is clearly recommended in the summer season, when the weather tends to be more forgiving, perhaps in the months of May/June or September. The ideal would be to celebrate the civil or symbolic ceremony in the late afternoon, a little before sunset, both for a softer light and to avoid the hottest hours of the day. It should be taken into account that the celebrants usually perform the service until 7pm maximum. 

What rite can be celebrated on the beach?
As for the whole bureaucratic part, there are some aspects to keep in mind when searching for the place that best suits your needs, even if the locations themselves often provide information in this regard and offer support. 

The first thing to know is that at the beach religious rites are not permitted, which can only be celebrated in a consecrated place. There are then two different options: the civil ceremony or the double civil/symbolic celebration

The first has been liberalized since 2013 and provides for the possibility that an official, or the mayor himself, can carry it out in a place other than the Town Hall premises. The cost of this service is around 200-400 euros and varies according to the municipality. However, be careful that not all municipal administrations allow it. 

The double celebration, on the other hand, consists of a double rite: a few days before, people join with a civil ceremony in the appropriate locations, then the promises are repeated with a symbolic ceremony. The latter has no legal value and can be personalized according to your wishes, for example by choosing to carry out a ritual such as that of sand, ribbons or rings. 

Where to get married on the beach in Tuscany?
The sound of the sea waves crashing on the shoreline, a light breeze that moves your hair, the scent of the Mediterranean scrub, the very fine sand on which to run barefoot: from the coolest atmospheres of Versilia to the most exclusive ones of Argentario, without forgetting the intimacy of the Island of Elba, here are the suggestions that Tuscany can give to your dream of love. 

It goes without saying that the region in question has many different choices for getting married on the beach, and that there are therefore many facilities equipped for an event of this type. 

Keep in mind that usually the wedding takes place in bathing establishments or restaurants that have the state concession of the beach. Often only the celebration of the ritual and the aperitif takes place on the beach, while any dinner is set up for logistical reasons in the internal rooms or in tensile structures (also to have a plan b in case of bad weather). 

Instead, to organize on a public beach, it is essential to rely on a wedding planner or an event organization agency, above all to obtain the necessary permits for the performance, i.e. a temporary request for public land to obtain the concession. In this case, the only option will be a symbolic celebration, not a legal one. 

Looking for an intimate and somewhat magical atmosphere
Details make the difference, never forget it. Imagine wooden walkways decorated with ribbons and lanterns, poufs and cushions for small relaxation areas, straw or raffia baskets with flowers: an atmosphere suspended between sky and sea. The essential thing is to make everything harmonious to ensure that the scenography dialogues perfectly with the natural landscape that will be the background, the sea in this case.

It will be very important carefully choose accessories and decorations, favoring natural materials such as wood for example, or light fabrics with soft colors, to prevent some element from becoming a discordant note. The same goes for the outfit: there isn't a real dress code for the occasion, just small precautions such as avoiding high heels or overly formal dresses. 

Everything will be aimed at creating an intimate environment, also with the help of candles, torches or lanterns that give a touch of magic to the most beautiful night of your life. 

The wedding photo shoot on the beach
The beach offers many ideas and an atmosphere that is natural and suggestive in itself. You will have both sky and sea in the background to tell the great emotions of the wedding: a perfect combination to celebrate this union. Obviously the calasole will also be an ideal moment to take some photographs, thanks to the magical fiery colors that make everything very romantic. 

The sea is certainly an incentive to relax, living that particular moment spontaneously. The photographs will be genuine and not posed at all, which they should never be by the way. Run hand in hand barefoot and give me your most beautiful smile!

Some time ago, I had the opportunity and pleasure to publish a wedding photo shoot set on the beach on the pages of the famous Italian magazine Sposi Magazine

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