14 questions to ask a wedding photographer: everything you need to know

May 9, 2020by Diego Giusti

Meeting for the first time with the wedding photographer, it can be helpful to have an idea of the questions to ask in order to be able to get all the information you need.

So who better than a photographer to help you in this arduous task? I usually provide my couples with all the details imaginable, knowing very well what they want and need to know. But I understand that it can be convenient for those who are still beginners with the organization of the wedding, to have some guidelines to face even this step in serenity. So here are 13 questions to ask a wedding photographer!

1) What photographic style do you have?
That of photographic style is one of the first issues to be addressed by choosing the photographer for your wedding. The best idea is to sift through the galleries of the sites and the Facebook pages of the photographers you have considered. Thus, despite not having knowledge in purely photographic terms, you will be able to realize that there are different styles and you will understand which one suits you best.

Not all photographers adopt a single style. For example, I combine elements of multiple styles with a focus on creating a story, rather than simply documenting what I see. I don't like posing and I favor the elegance and harmony of light in its many nuances. Spontaneity for me is the right style!

2) The price of a wedding photo shoot?
How much does a wedding photo shoot cost? Is there a price list? How to evaluate the estimates? The questions are many, but it is difficult to answer since these elements vary according to the photographer.

However, I can give you some advice. First of all, don't save on the photo shoot because the shots will be what will remain of your most beautiful day. Compare multiple quotes, based not only on the amount proposed but also on the services included and delivery times. Give value to the photographic style, to the experience of the photographer and also to his eventual specialization in the wedding sector. In this case, quality pays off without a doubt.

3) How many photographers will be present at my wedding?
There is no set number and each photographic studio has different methods. As far as I'm concerned, the choice depends on the type of marriage. It can happen to be alone or even to have 2 other photographers by my side. In any case, only evaluate professionals with extensive experience in the field. I am always present at the wedding services, and if I am not, it would obviously be specified in the contract. No surprise! So be careful when you ask for it and specify who you are going to contact.

4) How many hours will you stay with us?
This is an important aspect and it is good to know this detail from the beginning. Everything is fine wedding photographer it has its own policy. Clearly my advice is to opt for someone who is flexible. I don't have a precise and defined timetable. You will tell us when to start and when to finish. Our goal is to tell your story from A to Z, so we don't give ourselves time limits. We will be with you from the preparations until the guests leave.

5) Do you separate during the preparations?
The preparations are a crucial moment in which it is possible to capture intense and significant shots. For this reason, I prefer that the story be as complete as possible and therefore that the whole team, if there is more than one photographer, participate in the individual preparations of both the groom and the bride.

6) Is a contract stipulated for the wedding photo shoot?
Professional photographers, who guarantee a quality service, always enter into a contract that contains all the information relating to the wedding photo shoot that you have agreed upon and indicates the regular order of engagement. It will be important to read it in detail and there you will find answers to all your doubts. The contract is a protection for both parties and allows you to have no surprises before, during and after the big day.

I usually explain in detail the various sections of the contract and everything it contains, from what it includes to how and when the material will be delivered. Transparency is always a good thing.

7) Do you carry out an inspection of the location with the bride and groom?
I have been working in the wedding sector for ten years and I have often made many inspections of the structures, especially those for weddings in Tuscany, thus knowing the environments and the owners themselves very well. In any case, I am always available to support future spouses on their journey, advising not only the locations but also other suppliers. If you are looking for the dream location for your wedding in Tuscany, read my article dedicated to the subject.

8) Are you available to travel?
Even on this issue, every photographer has his own philosophy. Usually most of them are available for possible transfers based on customer needs, often providing this option with an extra cost depending on the kilometres. Obviously, agreements are made on the matter during the estimate phase, which will then be included in the contract.

I personally move wherever there is a love story and I realized wedding photography services in Italy and abroad. Usually, if I work outside my region, Tuscany, I ask for a refund on petrol and the motorway and a possible overnight stay at the expense of the spouses if the trip requires it.

9) Will photographs also be taken of relatives?
wedding photo shoot usually it also includes the ritual photos with relatives and friends. But it's always best to ask. Above all, you will decide how to take them and where, whether on the altar or in a restaurant or elsewhere. You can then ask for spontaneous and amusing photographs of your guests or more composed and elegant ones. Nothing prevents you from integrating these two styles into your story.

Posed group photos can be more complicated if there are many guests, but in this case it is enough that you organize groups and perhaps appoint someone close to you to manage it together with the photographer, thus facilitating everything and making it less boring or tiring for your guests. I personally believe that these types of very traditional images are less suggestive than those that capture spontaneous moments throughout your wedding day. Surely they manage to tell more and convey emotions even when you leaf through your album after many years.

10) How many photos will be delivered?
Very important question to ensure that the proposed service is up to your needs. Always ask the photographer in front of you how many photos and how they will be delivered. In some cases low resolution images are delivered with logos inside so that for printing high quality files it will be necessary to contact the photographer himself. All these details will be clearly stated in the contract and it is important that you read it carefully.

On average, I always deliver from 200 to 400 high-resolution jpg photos, without logos or other signs of copyright, via USB support. Every photo that I think is good is post-produced and delivered. If you deliver more than 400 photographs, there will still be no extra cost. Together with the entire selection of high-resolution and copyright-free shots, I am also delivering a pdf layout and a selection of 20 shots printed in fine art 12×18 format, collected in an elegant package that you can keep or display.

11) When will the photographs be delivered?

Delivery times vary greatly from photographer to photographer and usually correspond to a period of time rather than an actual date, for example within a certain number of months from the date of performance of the service. This aspect should always be included in the contract as it is fundamental.

As for me, I deliver the material between 30 and 90 working days. Obviously, for services performed out of season, the times indicated above are greatly reduced.

12) Will the delivered images be post-processed? What kind of post-production is done?
This is also an aspect that I personally advise you to deal with when you meet your wedding photographer. You will thus know how it works and how it will treat your images, thus being able to guess what you will get. Not all photographers work in the same way, even if image editing is basically part of the basic service in order to offer photographs capable of enchanting you.

As far as I'm concerned, every image that will be delivered to you will be post-produced thanks to my experience with the latest editing programs. By post production, we mean emphasizing/modifying colors and lights and not removing people and objects or modifying them according to different aesthetic canons and to obtain different results from reality.

13) Will you publish our photos on your channels?
If the photographer you have chosen wants to publish some photographs of your wedding, he will have to ask you for authorization by law. Only with your consent will he be able to do so.

On my social networks and websites, I only post material for which I have received express authorization. I don't post every single one wedding photo shoot carried out, but only the images that I consider suitable and in line with what I want to communicate. All the photographs I post feature my logo inside.

14) How does it work for the album?
I have chosen to go against the tide. In fact, I don't include the album in the estimate, to give the right value to the photo shoot and at the same time leave ample freedom for my future spouses. The making and printing of the album it is a very important process that deserves a dedicated space, therefore I prefer to consider it as an independent one, to be added rather as an option, leaving the bride and groom free to choose the materials to make it and avoiding them having to select an infinite number of images without having the right tools to to do it.

All these questions will help you to resolve some doubts about the wedding photo shoot, preparing you for the first meeting with the photographer you intend to choose.

The choice is important given that the photographer plays a significant role, telling your story by translating images into emotions and vice versa. For this reason, evaluate every aspect. Entering the photographic studio, perhaps unconsciously you will already make a choice based on how well the shop is taken care of, its cleanliness, the photos you will see on display and how the photographer relates to you. This is before any questions you may ask and I can answer. Getting in tune is the key to choosing the right photographer for you since he will spend practically the entire day of your wedding in close contact with you.