How to look good in wedding photographs?

October 22, 2020by Diego Giusti

Tips and tricks for brides

Million dollar question, it's true. So much is invested in the wedding day that it would be a real shame not to have portraits of our couple up to the great emotions experienced. The fears are always the same and shared by many brides, especially when they think they are not so photogenic. But I want to reassure you by giving you some small advice based on my experience as a wedding photographer.

The photographer, a trusted friend
The first rule is to rely on the photographer you have chosen for the service, following his advice and directives during the shooting. He will be able to help you feel less awkward and uncomfortable, pulling out your best expressions without too much effort and avoiding trivial posing.

In this direction, it is very important to meet before the wedding day to have a chat, discuss to break the ice and ask for clarifications. In this way, we will never be intruders at your wedding, but travel companions you can count on for any difficulty. This aspect is fundamental for me: I am always very happy to meet the couples who have chosen me to be able to tell their biggest step in the best way, answering all the questions they have about the wedding photo shoot.

Trial service or good first time?
A good harmony with the photographer is an added value. For this reason, it may be an idea to opt for a pre-wedding service, which will help you become familiar with both him and the situation itself. You will better understand how the shooting takes place to experience it with less anxiety. For these reasons, it is important to contact the right person: a highly experienced professional will be able to satisfy your wishes by giving you cover photographs.

During the pre-nup, I explain a lot of things to my couples, especially regarding the naturalness of gestures and movements, even the smallest ones. I invite them to bend their arms instead of just leaving them at their sides, or I show them how to sit or hug each other without either being hidden from the other. This is definitely the right time to remove doubts and leave anxiety and shyness behind.

Here is the trump card to look good in the photographs of your wedding reportage. Being the center of attention can be uncomfortable: the solution is not to think you have a camera in front of you. Leave room for what you feel inside and don't hold back: cry, laugh and hug whoever you want. Interact with your partner, relatives or friends, as if the photographer didn't exist.

Naturalness always gives excellent results. Smiling doesn't mean saying "cheese" as per tradition, but fully expressing all the happiness of the moment. Being relaxed is essential in order not to appear rigid.


Harmony above all
Another suggestion is to coordinate the various elements as much as possible such as make-up, hair, dress, flowers and location to make everything aesthetically harmonious. If we talk about colors, it will be essential to carefully choose the combinations between the various accessories for an effective glance. Having attended and photographed many weddings, I have to say that this is even more important if you choose a particular style for the wedding.

Another thing I always recommend to my future brides is to get an idea of the poses, always natural, that can be taken during the shooting. I invite you to browse the web and social networks in search of inspiration, suggesting profiles that I consider interesting in this regard.

Move with awareness
In photographs, the position of the body is essential in order not to appear awkward and awkward. The photographer usually provides indications in this regard and therefore one is guided to be as relaxed as possible: from how to hold the bouquet in one's hand to how to position oneself with respect to the lens, never frontally but always slightly turned away. Movements are welcome as they make the scene more dynamic and less set. 

The right make-up
Another aspect that can make the difference is to give importance to the make-up you choose, in order to highlight your strengths and mask small flaws. With make-up you can really work miracles, obviously by turning to expert make-up artists who will suggest the most suitable one for you based on your complexion, eye color and face shape.

With this article, which collects the fruit of many wedding photo shoots, I hope I have relieved some of your anxiety and clarified some doubts. A wedding is a day full of emotions to be lived with a smile on your mouth and a racing heart.
Feeling comfortable and knowing how to handle the stress of the situation should be a top priority for you and your partner. Have a trusted photographer by your side it will certainly be an extra gear, both at the moment itself and when you browse your album. In all honesty, I love my job and the fact that I can be a shoulder you can count on for couples who rely on me or simply for those who land on this small space where I share my experience and my world.
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