Post-wedding photo shoot: what it is and why to choose it

August 28, 2020by Diego Giusti

Scenic. This is the word I would use to make you understand what the post-wedding service is. Small works of art that tell your stories. A perfect equation between great emotions and dreamy images. But let's see in more detail what it is.

The post-wedding is a photo shoot taken after the wedding day, wearing the groom's clothes again. Abroad it is a real trend, but it is also spreading very much in Italy. The shooting gives the possibility of obtaining wonderful, more accurate and personalized images, without the anxiety and haste that usually characterize most weddings.

No, the post-wedding is not a copy of the official service. There are many differences both technically and emotionally. First of all, the tension that accompanied you on the big day has completely disappeared, allowing you to experience the shooting more serenely. As far as the "technical" part is concerned, we can say that during the wedding the photographer is more attentive to telling each moment, creating a story of that day; while in the post-wedding, creativity is given more vent to create a scenographic service, thanks above all to the choice of location.

When to take the post-wedding
Usually the date is chosen together with the photographer, always after the weddingperhaps returning from their honeymoon. The when is also chosen based on the location where it will be taken, to have the best light conditions or the most beautiful colors ever as a background for the photographs. Choosing the place of shooting is important to have the atmosphere you want most. The advice is to talk about it with the photographer who then, based on his experience, will direct you properly.

Cover photo and green light to the imagination
Small masterpieces worthy of a fashion magazine without being models! How? Choosing very particular and suggestive locations. Let your imagination run free. You can indulge yourself: from the emerald lakes through woods or sheer cliffs, without excluding the most beautiful monuments of our Italian cities. The photographs will not only be images capable of telling your emotions.

In this service, you can indulge yourself and customize as much as possible. You will really have images that represent you one hundred percent. All you need to do is put on your wedding dress again to be protagonists for a day in a casual and cheerful way. Depending on the photographic studio, it will be possible to request video shooting or even the participation of a make-up artist and hairdresser.


Lifeline for another occasion
The post-wedding is the right choice for those who have found inclement weather on their wedding day, a real lifeline. If the official shooting didn't go very well, you have the opportunity to play a second card. In fact, you can agree with the photographer to have absolutely the best conditions to shoot and finally get the desired result. Don't give up on having a precious memory of such an important moment in your life.

Without forgetting that you will experience great emotions with greater serenity. The right amount of time will be dedicated to the shots, without the rush due to receptions or relatives waiting for you. You'll also be more comfortable in front of the camera, resulting in an incredible result. Even more spontaneity and naturalness combined with creativity and fun.

Traveling in search of great emotions
Another very popular option is to combine the travel experience with the post-wedding photo shoot to have the opportunity to shoot against the backdrop of amazing landscapes, both in Italy and abroad. An example? Our service Emotions on the go which will lead you to discover the Island of Elba or Lake Braies by taking advantage of the opportunity for photographs that you would not even be able to imagine.

As far as I'm concerned, I leave couples free with regard to logistics, accommodation and transport, but I'm still available to help them personalize everything with particular and curious activities, or simply by recommending realities that I myself know. We will spend from two hours to several days together to create a complete and evocative story of who you are against the backdrop of breathtaking locations.

Post-nuptial in Tuscany and Italy
Over the last few years, I've shot a lot of post-wedding shoots, many of them in Tuscany. I always go in search of suggestive places and fairytale atmospheres and now I have a deep knowledge of the area to be able to recommend the most suitable location to the newlyweds who come to me. I portrayed my spouses in fairytale scenarios, from the suspended atmospheres of Isola Santa to the eternal beauty of the capital. I felt their immense happiness in telling each other again, with more clarity but still intensity. I saw their eyes filled with amazement when they saw the prints made, a unique memory that will remain over time.