Attention to detail for a professional photographer

July 14, 2020by Diego Giusti

Why turn to a professional photography studio? To obtain a finished product that is complete and personalized from A to Z. It's not just a matter of collecting a series of shots together, but entering people's lives to tell it with attention and attention to detail.

For this reason, I place a lot of value not only on the content I create but also on its form and presentation. The eye wants its part, especially when it comes to something that will make your most beautiful moments eternal, from the promise of marriage to the birth of children.

My website

I The website is often the first thing you know about a photography studio. Not only must it contain all the most important information, but also be able to tell the world of the photographer, his vision of photography. In short, it is a very important business card.

I structured it as if it were a virtual journey into my world, trying to get to know me and get in tune with you right from the start. It is not only a showcase of my most beautiful and particular photographic services, but also a place where I share my experience and advice thanks to the section blog with wedding-themed ideas and curiosities and more.




My study

I conceived my photographic studio overcoming the idea of a simple shop where to buy services. I created a space that could be welcoming for my clients and reflect my style and approach to photography. Simple and a little shabby to recreate the refined atmospheres of my photo shoots and have a homogeneity between printed paper and reality.

Inside, we will be able to have a pleasant chat about my services and at the same time browse and be inspired by the many works on display, wedding albums and caskets. A real showroom of all the products I have available.


The packaging

The beauty of a photo shoot, as well as its elegance or particularity, is not limited only to the shots produced or to the location in which it takes place. Quick attention to detail and so the packaging, like the eye, wants its part.

I developed my brand Diego Giusti Photographer starting with an essential and elegant logo, which I propose again on all my channels and many of my gadgets. I wanted a logo that identified and represented me one hundred percent, commissioning the work to a graphic studio in Livorno. In the logo you can find my initials, D and G, which recall two wedding rings thanks to the gold color. Minimalism, elegance and serenity are the values that have inspired my path and consequently my image.

In addition to the customization of each product you ask for, I will always deliver all the material, whether it's a single print or a photo album, in shopper bags that bear the logo of my photography studio. The wedding photo albums they will always have a beautiful coordinated package and the gift vouchers will have a graphic impact to leave a good impression on whoever receives them.

Diego Giusti-Fotografo-Fotografo-Livorno-Packagin


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