The most beautiful romantic songs for marriage: why and which ones to choose

Thanks to the experience in the wedding sector, I realized how much choosing the right music for your wedding is not so obvious. More than a simple side dish: one of the main ingredients to create a suggestive and effective atmosphere for your guests. For this reason, having a list of songs to offer to those who will take care of this aspect should be taken into consideration.

In some moments of the festivities, music will be indispensable. Any examples? The exit from the church, the arrival at the location or the dance of the bride and groom. Make everyone present dream, release tension and have fun with your loved ones: that's why you need romantic and non-romantic songs for the wedding party. You can choose significant songs for your love story, customizing the musical experience to the maximum, or completely indulge yourself. Usually, as a time, the photographer will indicate the sunrise or sunset for the optimal light conditions that will guarantee soft shadows and an ideal atmosphere.

But where to start? How to choose in the infinite musical universe available? I struggled myself when I had to come up with a selection for my big day. So here are some tips and ideas for titles, divided by musical genre and suitable for all types of spouses, from the most romantic to rockers.

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With a slightly vintage flavor

The great classics of the past always satisfy everyone, even the elderly. These are songs that have made history and that stand the test of time, especially suitable for romantic spirits who do not disdain the atmosphere of the past.

I who love only you – Sergio Endrigo

Endless – Gino Paoli

Big Big Big – Mina

You come back to my mind – Battisti

I who can't live more than an hour without you – Pino Donaggio

The first beautiful thing – Nicola Di Bari

That's Amore – Dean Martin

I love you - Umberto Tozzi 

A thousand days of you and me – Claudio Baglioni

Be my baby – The Ronettes


Feelings, spaghetti and mandolin

Italian pop music always gives great emotions. There are many songs to sing together while having fun and getting excited, whether they are played from a Spotify playlist or with a guitar in your hands.

Albachiara – Vasco Rossi

The Cure – Franco Battiato

You are in the soul – Gianna Nannini

The greatest gift – Tiziano Ferro

Most beautiful thing – Eros Ramazzotti

Indelible – Laura Pausini

To you / Kiss me again – Jovanotti

Conversely – Gabbani

A Love Song – 883

How would I know – Giorgia

Just for you – Negramaro

Love exists – Francesca Michielin

Great Love – the Flight



A crazy heart

Even rock isn't without feelings, and we're not just talking about broken hearts. Loves lived at full speed, sometimes restless but always profound. And so inevitable are the ball ads of the biggest rock groups and artists in all its variations, from the softest to the wildest ones.

I don't want to miss a thing – Aerosmith

Your song – Elton John

Love of my life – The Queen

I want to hold your hand - The Beatles

Wish you were - Pink Floyd

Shallow – Lady Gaga

There is a light that never goes out – The Smiths

Always – Bon Jovi

Nothing else matters – Metallica

Baby I love you – The Ramones

Lovesong - The Cure


Feelings, spaghetti and mandolin

The Italian indie hides poignant feelings and heart problems. Modern declarations of love in Tommaso Paradiso style (“like the 2006 national team” just to name one) that give a touch of color to our romantic playlist.

There is no music – Coez

This silly love song of ours – The Journalists

Don't be afraid - Tommaso Paradiso–Q

Calcutta & Elisa – If it rained your name

For two who like us – Brunori Sas

Make noise – Diodato

Piece of Me – Levante and Max Gazzè

You are my city – Cosmos

When I'm With You – Ex Otago



This above is obviously a selection that can be greatly expanded, perhaps taking inspiration from the many romantic playlists that Youtube or Spotify offer. If you have other doubts about how to organize your big day, browse our blog and find advice on many topics, for example what questions to ask the wedding photographeror oi 10 tips for the wedding photo shoot.