10 tips to enjoy the wedding photo shoot well

I never got a shot the way I wanted it to: it always came out better or worse – Diana Arbus.

Serenely living the wedding photo shoot is possible. I admit that on the happiest day of your life, tension will certainly be felt, to some more and some less.

In 10 years of experience as a wedding photographer, I have had the opportunity to experience very different situations. Knowing the topic in question very well, I like to follow the spouses on their journey, advising them on many different aspects, from the dress to the location.

I decided to collect some useful tips for make you feel at ease and at the same time build together with you a story that will exceed your expectations. I will tell you as much as possible how a wedding photo shoot takes place, through ten small steps that will guide you in this new experience but full of important moments to remember. If, on the other hand, you are still at an initial stage and want to understand how to choose your wedding photographer, or what to ask him, you can read this article which collects 13 questions on the subject (click above).

1. Spontaneity

No forced gazes or unnatural poses. I won't ask you to pose or look at the lens. Together we will try to favor the spontaneity of faces and the naturalness of gestures and movements. You will not have the impression of being inside a photographic studio and you will simply be free to move around as you always have.
Obviously I will do my best to make you feel at ease and make me almost invisible to your eyes like a magician. Spontaneity is that emotion that you will let run away without any brakes and I will be ready to seize it on the fly.

2. Know your photographer

Knowing the photographer who will take care of your wedding service is certainly the trump card. Before the big day you will meet with me several times to get advice, guidance and establish a relationship of trust.

For 100% peace of mind, you can opt for a pre-wedding photo shoot, a bit like a hair and make-up test. You will be able to remove all doubts and feel more at ease, becoming familiar with the photographer and his presence. I always recommend it to newlyweds

3. The family

During the preparations before the ceremony, involve your family members. These are among the most intense moments ever, but only if you decide to live them fully. Don't let your parents, sisters, brothers or others prepare separately or don't want to get involved because they are not yet polished. Embrace each other and live spontaneity. I can tell you without a doubt that memorable images are made here that will thrill you when you see them again, more than any posed photo you can do. The true beauty of this story is the emotions and not the elegance of the clothes, the perfection of the hairstyle or anything else. Prioritize the feelings and not the aesthetics.

4. Create environments for preparation

During the preparation, I will move within your spaces and limit myself to photograph what i see. One suggestion I always give to my future spouses is to think in advance about tidying up and ordering everything according to their needs.

In a nutshell, you can choose what you want to show or what kind of environment to have as a background for yours photos. Think about it in the previous days and, if necessary, arrange the rooms to your liking, for example by creating an area for preparations that has a good amount of natural light.

You thus have the opportunity to create a sort of "scenography" as you like. I will hardly be able to remove disturbing elements in post-production. I advise against getting ready in the bathroom, there is not enough space to move all the people involved such as family, make-up artist, hairdresser and photographer.

5. The bouquet, your great ally

It seems strange to give indications on this topic, but if you think about it, there aren't many occasions in which a woman has to carry a bouquet in her hand, especially as a wedding. Among other things, this accessory is one of the great protagonists of the scene as it integrates with the worn dress. Therefore, care is needed in choosing it but also in wearing it.

For this accessory, there is a precise position. It should be kept at navel height and facing forward, so as not to hide any detail of the dress and make your figure more composed. You will have to remember this little rule throughout the day. The arms, on the other hand, must be at the height of the hips and the elbows close to the body without touching it.

If you know how to carry the bouquet properly, the effect will be extraordinary. I guarantee!

6. Warn your guests not to get in the way of the photographer

Often the guests have the desire to take pictures, whether with a smartphone or with a reflex camera. The uncle passionate about photography? The cousin who enjoys making videos? The nephew who goes live on social media? Invite them to avoid getting in the way of the work of the official photographer, especially during some important moments such as entering and exiting the church, exchange of rings and signatures.

It will be difficult for me to remove people who disturb the scene afterwards. What we will see in reality, we will also have it in the photographs.

7. Don't open that door

Every moment has its rules and rituals that should be respected. Getting out of the car, in front of the church or town hall where the rite will be celebrated, the driver will open the door for the father who in turn will open the door for the bride. It is important that everyone respects their role.

Entering inside, the bride will hold her father's left arm while holding the bouquet in her left hand. Don't rush walking to the altar, go relaxed and relaxed.

8. A star-studded outing

Leaving the church is a unique moment, practically unrepeatable, and everything must therefore be perfect in order to be able to capture it properly and have more photos to remember it, from the crowd of guests celebrating to your emotions. Don't go the 100 meters to get out of the church and enjoy the moment. Slow down the pace and experience this great emotion with joy. However, always pay attention to the movements, trying not to involuntarily hide behind the bouquet or veil, while always remaining spontaneous. As you go outside, hug your parents and friends. Enjoy these peaceful and unhurried moments. Calmly then, we will go to take pictures of the couple.

9. The heart of the wedding photo shoot

Far from the eyes of friends and relatives, you will enter the heart of photo shoot of your wedding. I will do my best to put you at ease, helping you to enjoy the emotion you have just experienced. I will be almost invisible. Enjoy the moment as if you were alone and don't rush. You won't have to think about anything. It will be a little relaxing break for you, while I will think about transforming your emotions into images that will then be very sweet memories.

10. Create an engaging atmosphere

During the celebrations, funny situations can be told that will give a touch of color to the story of yours marriage. At this time of day, there will be room for your guests and their emotions. Go around the tables and exchange kisses and hugs with friends and relatives, despite the tiredness. I, without being in the way, will observe and not miss any memorable moment.

A piece of advice that I give you from the heart and that is the result of the many weddings I've attended: don't leave out any detail when organizing some engaging situations for guests after lunch or dinner. Think of moments of entertainment and the right atmosphere that can involve everyone. No, someone playing music is not enough to make people leave the table. Lights, music, smoke machine and everything that can make your moments of celebration scenographic. If they have fun, I will be able to make more dynamic and fun images for tell the story of your love.