"On my toes, I tell stories that taste like love"

What is your photography style?

My style combines traditional wedding photography with reportage, mixing the classic with the contemporary. I will show your naturalness, leaving you free to act; and without limiting my poetic vein, I will give you simple indications on the poses, actions and expressions to adopt. I want to tell your story with a series of images that will last over time. Browse the galleries of wedding photography services that I have done to inspire you.

How does a wedding photo shoot take place?

I will always be by your side, from preparation to the final celebrations (including cutting the cake and photos with relatives), to have a complete and linear story. Together with me there will be one or more collaborators, depending on the needs. In this way I will limit the movements during the ceremony, without hindering its progress. We will be invisible, an essential but not cumbersome presence. I leave you some advice on how to deal with the photo shoot of your wedding.

What is the premarital instead?

It is the solution to feel at ease on the day of the fateful yes. You will be able to do a sort of dress rehearsal to become familiar with the camera and be natural in the official photo shoot. I always recommend it to my couples; who appreciate it for capturing a "particular" moment like the one before the wedding.

Will you yourself be present on our wedding day?

Yes, always present. I personally follow each married couple. If not, you would still know before signing the contract.

Follow both preparations of the couple

In the preparations I follow both spouses to have a more complete story and not miss any significant moment of the big day. The preparation is a curious and amusing chapter: the bride wearing the veil and the groom tying his tie. However, the final choice is always yours. Usually I don't separate myself from my collaborators and I assist in the individual preparations, because each of us has a different task in the service we are carrying out.

Are you staying until the end of the festivities?

Without a doubt. I will be with you from start to finish, throughout the ceremony and celebrations. I don't want to miss any moment of your wedding. Often it is during the party with friends and family that I find the funniest moments to photograph.

Do you do video service?

For some time now, many couples have been requesting this service in addition to the photographic one. I collaborate with a trusted operator who follows me the video part. We always create customized products and we give you the opportunity to personalize it as much as possible, inserting your favorite songs or choosing fun moments to build together with your guests.

Are there any additional costs for any travel?

For photographic services in Tuscany, I do not apply any additional cost. Outside my region, however, I follow the ACI table for the travel surcharge.

How and who selects the photographs?

To me the arduous task of selecting the images, then delivered all in a USB stick. I follow you in every way and I won't leave you alone. Never, not even after the fateful yes. After the first selection, I will collect some shots in a pdf layout, the ones that will be more suitable for me to be included in the album. We will see this part together and it will be possible to make changes according to your wishes.

How many shots will be delivered and when?

In addition to a USB stick with the best shots of the day carefully selected and processed with photo editing software, I will give you a wooden box containing 20 12×18 prints on fine paper, all included in the costs. You will have all the images available with a resolution that can be printed anywhere, if you prefer not to contact my photographic studio. I deliver approximately from 200 to 500 images, based on how the wedding took place.
Timing? The shortest time possible. I deliver the material in about three months from the wedding date.

How will our Album be composed?

After the most important day of your life, we will evaluate together which album is best suited to your needs. I collaborate with companies that offer a wide range of covers and materials, as well as various types of papers. I will help you choose thanks to my knowledge of the products. Again, you will not be alone. To give you an idea already, I have created a section of the site with some information on wedding photo albums.

How soon should the service be confirmed?

Book at least 12 months in advance so as not to leave out any detail and get to know us better. Of course, I can make a quote too last minute; if we are free, it will be an honor to narrate your wedding.

Do I need a deposit to fix the date and what payment methods do you accept?

To formalize the contract, you will pay a deposit of 30%; then the second installment equal to 50% within the week preceding the wedding even. The balance instead only upon delivery of the material. You can pay by bank transfer, check or cash.

What if we want to know more?

You are welcome to my photo studio. I love talking to you to explain, help you and discuss the most important issues together. It's nice to immediately create a certain harmony. It will be a team effort and getting into confidence is part of the secret for a top notch wedding service. Call me to make an appointment, write me an email or a message on my Facebook page. I am one hundred percent available.